Fursa Sa’eeda - Pleased to meet you! Hello! My name is Abdel Mougaud Sadeek Ahmad. But  to keep things simple, just call me Abdul like everybody  else does. I was born in Karnak around the 5th of  January 1966. Why around? Because nobody reallly  remembers and in those days the civil servants, who  took care of this type of administration, were not too  fussy about little details: such as an exact birthdate... I studied Philosophy and Antique History and was  occupied as a Social Worker for some time. Considering Tourism to be one of the most important industries in  Egypt and as I like working with and being around  people, I decided at a later stage to return to school and become a tourist guide. I graduated from the Faculty of  Hotels and Tourism at the University of Alexandria as a  licensed guide. I'm married and the father of three children. Life is  hardly paved with roses in Egypt. Therefore most  Egyptians tend to have more then one job. I'm not an exception to this rule. So, I also run a small souvenir shop in Karnak. Now,  everybody associates the name Karnak with the fabulous archaeological site of the Temple of Karnak but vey few people know that Karnak is also a suburb of Luxor and a very nice, traditional community. Webdesign by Rufin Duwel - all rights reserved