Webdesign by Rufin Duwel - all rights reserved Money Matters Money makes the world go around. This is such a solid reality it was even used as the title of a song. Of  course my services are not for free. And I dare to admit I'm not applying the cheapest of rates. But my  rates are as they are and there is no hastle at the end of the day. And you will not be dragged from one  shop to an other. You will see what you wanted to visit. For a full day I ask 50 Euro. Transportation  comes at an extra 35 Euro for a full day for an air-conditioned car (unlimited kilometres/mileage). On  top of this you need to add the entrance fees to the archaeological sites and museums you care to  visit. If you click on "Worth Visiting" on the menu you will find an overview of the sites in the vicinity of  Luxor and their entrance fees.