Webdesign by Rufin Duwel - all rights reserved Places Worth Visiting - Luxor Eastbank Temple of Luxor The Temple of Luxor is situated close to the city centre of Luxor adjacent to the Nile promenade. This temple dates from the New Kingdom and some very famous Pharaohs all had a part in building it. The earliest remaining parts were constructed by Hatshepsut  But Ramses II and even Alexander all added parts to the temple during their reign. Admission EGP 50.00 pp Temple of Karnak The Temple of Karnak is situated around 3 km to the North of Luxor. The archaeological site of Karnak is a conglomeration of temples, pylons, chapels and other buildings. So there is not just one temple but a multitude forming one of the largest temple complexes in the world. One of the most impressive parts of the site is the Hypostyle Hall built by 134 massive columns and covering almost 5000 sq metres. Admission EGP 80.00 pp Luxor Museum Luxor Museum was inaugurated in 1975. It prides itself on a very exclusive collection dating from the Theban period. Of course it can't beat the artefacts displayed at the Museum of Antiquities in Cairo. But it has some very interesting pieces on display. Worthwhile visiting whenever you are interested in Egyptian history. The famous story teller Wilbur Smith made a reference to it in his novel "The Seventh Scroll' which was, of course, totally fictious being part of his style of "continuation of disbelief'. Admission EGP 80.00 pp