Webdesign by Rufin Duwel - all rights reserved My Mission My mission is quite simple to describe. Guiding and  assisting you whenever you require in discovering the  Beauty of Egypt. This doesn't always means  archaeological sites but can include visiting the  countryside. Getting in touch with the local population  and learn their way of life. For a tourist this is not always so easy. You don't know where to turn to and you risk  falling into the hands of people who don't always have  the best intentions. If you ask me to show you the "real"  Egypt I can introduce you to personal acquaintances or  family members who own their own farm.  In most cases, if you book an excursion with a  representative of your tour-operator, you will spend  some time of the trip in a papyrus shop or any other  venue which has no relation whatsoever with the theme  of the excursion. Having me as your guide means that  we will spend our time at the sites or points of interest  you have decided on. If you are interested in souvenir  shopping, I will take you to a decent shop where you can find quality without being ripped off. But you need to ask me first. Nowadays travelling through Egypt has become more easy since the convoy system has been abandoned. So you can plan your own  moment of departure and can travel almost wherever you like. This leaves a lot of extra options for possible visits.